Dynamic Peace Society & Is Peace Boring? Questions

"Is Peace Boring?" NO! Our new paradigm is not boring, tedious or impossible. This is our golden opportunity to be spiritual pioneers in co-creating with the All-Powerful Creative Force, Dynamic Peace on Earth.

This is an international community of minds and lives connected by commitment, ether, thoughts, experiences, ideas, dreams and the web. We are the keepers of the fire of the vision of a healthier, creative, human existence on Earth. If you have any interest in consciously designing our human future, the Dynamic Peace Society is an opportunity. It is a metaphysically based project relying on the mind field that we share as a species to affect positive change by concentration, prayer, meditation, consensus and ACTION.

We are not looking to send you a bunch of stuff. Not asking you for periodic dues. The events we have are in aesthetic settings like outdoors in nature or indoor creative spaces, which add to the pleasure of being in the company of others. We do not scorn libations, sensuality, sexuality, self-expression, or enjoyment of life, but advocate for upping the quality of life for humans and other creatures with the hope of finding solutions to the predicament the human race is in right now. We believe that the answers lie in the personal and authentic growth of each individual and one-on-one personal and working relationships with others.

The only religious dogma here is a sense of practicality. We are Interfaith, including all who are willing to venture to a place of dynamic peace, seeking a serenity that is dedicated to evaluating and diminishing the worldwide chase of the big fat rat that is leading the species on the downward spiral. In this case, we are dedicated to introspection, simplification, conservation, appreciation, glorification of nature, and living life as a mysterious gift which deserves daily exploration, savoring and sharing.

We do not believe in long retreats in caves, monasteries or mountain tops, (although walking to mountain tops is a source of enjoyment). We feel it is necessary to be a part of society in order to change it.

We do believe in personal creativity as the answer to the present condition of rampant boredom and depression. This includes, music, dance, drama, visual arts, crafts, culinary, photography, film, and all other expressions which source soul level feelings and reflections on life.

Our events and communications are determined by the weather, the pleasure of companionship, the honoring of the Earth by being outside and by the personal needs of the members.

The format for exploration for the Dynamic Peace Society is the IS PEACE BORING? questions written by founder Reverend Bardet Wardell in 1982.

"The research format for exploration for the Dynamic Peace Society has been the 26 IS PEACE BORING? questionnaire written by Reverend Wardell.

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If you would like to make a comment or be listed as one of the members of the Dynamic Peace Society, please email Bardet@BardetWardell.com
We look forward to your input.