Crystalheart Magic in the Forest

Once upon a time in the deepest dark woods in Rosendale, behind all the other houses, where no one could see it, there was a magic cottage. A very old and wise lady named Aurelia Crystalheart lived there in a magic cottage. Aurelia had a number of forest friends who came by to see her, the Crystalheart bird families, Moma and Papa deer with their little baby fawns, some friendly Bunny Crystalhearts and a very special character whose name I can not reveal at this time.  

This special character had a way of showing up without an appointment or even an invitation. He was not reliable at all and could only stay for a short time, but when he did come by, Aurelia felt extremely happy and delighted. 

Aurelia, because she never knew when he was going to visit, always kept his favorite snack ready for him; a jar of chestnut cookies. Have you ever tasted them? Well, of course you haven’t! They are only made in a special magic oven like the one that Aurelia has in her cottage in the deep dark woods in Rosendale behind all the houses, where no one could see it.

Magic ovens are something you can not buy in a store, not online or not from a street vendor. No, magic ovens are so special that you have to earn them. It takes time, loads of laughter, and years and years of picking up chestnuts in the deepest dark woods in Rosendale behind all the houses where no one could see you doing it.

Everything about Aurelia was magic. The shimmering golden basket she used to gather up the chestnuts that had fallen on the ground under the Grandfather chestnut tree, the butterfly wing and spider web silk shawl laced with lucky lady bugs that she wore when she went out to gather chestnuts, and of course her constant companion, Celeste the dancing Cat. 

Celeste has lots of ways of being magical, but when she dances, you see spinning, jumping, tumbling, tip toeing, flying, whirling and spectacular balancing on one foot with all of the other three in the air! Celeste is a very celestial dancer. Picking up chestnuts is easy and fun when Celeste helps you with her joyful dancing.

You need at least a billion chestnuts to earn a magic stove, so if you ever see a chestnut on your path, pick it up, put it in your pocket and start your collection. This is the only way you can earn a magic stove that sings songs, taps its four feet to the beat, and makes all your delicious food for you just the way you like it. If you like chocolate chip cookies or French fries or spaghetti, noodles, or soup, your magic stove will make it for you! Just the way you like it!

It was a sunny dancing cat day and Aurelia was out in the swing watching Celeste do cartwheels and somersaults when guess who showed up? Yes! It was Aurelia’s friend, the very special character who suddenly appeared.

Here is what you see when he comes to visit you. His face is looking at you from a tree trunk. Yes, a tree with a face is smiling at you! He has curly mossy hair on his face, two little tiny horns on the top of his head and his eyes are sparkling like birthday candles. His body is inside the bark of the tree trunk and he laughs when you pop a chestnut cookie into his mouth.

As quickly as he appeared and laughed heartily, Aurelia greeted him with a happy smile and lots of chestnut cookies. He smiled at her, and she and Celeste did a happy dance for him, moving and swaying and singing a song, 

Today is a special day

We live here in the forest woods 

We love to have our friends come by

They bring us joy and all that’s good 

He thanked her for the cookies and dancing, his eyes sending love and goodness into her Crystalheart.. Then as quickly as he had appeared, he disappeared back into the tree trunk. After he left, Aurelia and Celeste kept dancing and singing around the tree, knowing that he would be back to visit them again, for he lives in the tallest trees nearby. 

If you want to see him, you will have to walk into the woods. You will have to sit and look at the trees. One day, you may see his face appear. You will feel a wonderful calm and love. You will relax into love. And then in just a little while, just as suddenly, you will wonder to yourself, “Where did he go?” and it is then that you know for sure that he lives in the forest all the time and he likes to make you happy and he wants you to know that magic is alive and it is made with love. When you see him, you will never forget him. I never have.

Just keep going into the forest. Keep looking. Remember that the forest world is a place where you can go to find Crystalheart magic no matter how old you are. 

Crystalheart magical love lives on forever. 

By Reverend Merrie Bardet Wardell